advanced materials

Thin Film Photovoltaics (TF-PV)

Photovoltaic conversion is an important technology among the different renewable energies. Thin Film Photovoltaic technologies without using critical raw materials can offer a great chance to the industry to offer sustainable fabrication at very large production scale.

Thermoelectric (TE) Materials and Devices

The wasted heat can be converted into electricity by the thermoelectric effect. This phenomenon is still underexploited nowadays because of the use of toxic and expensive materials. New low-cost and environmentally friendly thermoelectric materials can open the applications in energy harvesting.

High Entropy (HE) materials

These are new materials made of multiple elements at a similar percentage but forming a single phase, like the HE oxide (MgxNixCoxCuxZnx)O, with x=0.2 (discovered in 2015). They can feature unprecedented properties such as enhanced mechanical strength or low thermal conductivity.